Our Approach

Suncrest is led by a Management Team with a proven track record of success in asset selection, financial modeling, project management and residential and commercial development. Our investment and operational approach is summarized below:


Suncrest identifies, procures and secures a significant pipeline of current cycle residential and mixed-use land development properties located in select, supply constrained U. S. markets where home builders compete for market share.


Suncrest obtains letters of interest or contracts from home builders and or other end users at acquisition and disposition prices confirmed by an approved project pro forma.


Suncrest obtains Letters of Intent (“LOI”) from home builders or end users at acquisition and disposition prices that are supported by an approved project pro forma.


With a viable pro forma and the ability to demonstrate a clear exit strategy, Suncrest identifies select private equity or institutional partners to provide acquisition and development funding through specific project partnerships. In some instances, the partnership may choose to secure lender financing for acquisition and development.


Suncrest acquires the land and commences development in partnership with a pre-defined local construction management team, an equity partner(s), creditor, home builders and/or other end users.